Monday, January 31, 2011

Thrifting Fun!

This past weekend was a definite shipping high-point. We found so many great deals at different thrift shops around here! First, old sewing desk:

A new chair for the FIL:

A new (pretty) bill basket:

A new puppy.... I mean couch :)

All of this, plus Nike Shox, and a pair of golf shoes all for $15.95!! SCORE!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally done with Christmas!

I love the holiday season as much (or maybe more) than the average person. But I start getting tired of looking at Christmas decorations after 2 months. Chris' (27th) birthday was Sunday and I was not allowed to take down any decorations until after his bday. First thing Monday morning, anything Christmas-y came down:

Desk: AKA my home for the rest of this semester.

Cute little reading corner.

Chris' favorite Christmas gift, metal basketball wall art from my Gram, and of course, a collage of us :)

Bookshelf area, but notice another Christmas gift from my Gram, "Don't judge folks by their relatives" !!! too funny (and true).

Actual books on the bookshelf, go figure!

We got another snowstorm last night.. putting our total at about 26inches of snow. Finally got Hubby to help me shovel out the driveway. As soon as we made progress, our fantastic city decided it was time to plow our road (mind you it was 11:30 am). This is what we were left with:

Friday, January 21, 2011

King of Anything

Absolutely loving this song!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How could I forget.. show off my fabulous new shoes?!

And the best part? They were only $3.99 at JCPenney Outlet Store!!

Snow Day!

Today was supposed to be the first day of classes for my spring semester.. I like mother nature.. she answered my prayers! We (I) woke up way early to get ready because last night I refused to accept that school started today. My bag is still sitting at me feet completely empty and I would like it to stay that way. Unfortunately, Chris' classes did not get cancelled so he is out there braving the ice and snow covered roads.

This semester is going to be a B!! Muscular Skeletal Anatomy, Methods of Applied Statistics, 2 research classes, AND an online Physiology course?? Am I insane?!?! What was I thinking... Oh right. I have to prove some people wrong who didn't believe in me.. who told me that I would never finish school so I shouldn't even start. Got news for ya, I'm doing it.. more than halfway to my Master's degree.

Snow Day= The Tudors... scratch that.
Snow Day= Housework and Homework (from last semester)

I like the first option.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resolutions Update

Before I get started on my first list, I wanted to add a couple new resolutions on.
  1. I want to keep up on my blog, maybe twice a week.
  2. I want to start writing letters, especially to my Grandma who is deaf.. Can;t really call her up to say hi!

It has been a week since I posted my 2011 Resolutions and so far I have"
  • Surprisingly, I have kept up on housework. I thought this would be the toughest one. Living with 3 men and all of the dogs, I find it very hard to keep everything clean. My secret: I wait until weekends or days when I have nothing planned to do the big things (vacuum, organize the desk and dining room table, and do laundry). My daily up keeps are mostly in the kitchen. If I slack even one day on this room, you can forget it and it will turn into a weekend project. Every morning when I get up, I unload the dishwasher and fill it back up, take care of all the breakfast pots (FIL always has homemade oatmeal), take care of food that was left on the counter (please refer here), and not only wash down the counters, but also disinfect. It may be because everyone here has had a cold, or is at the beginning stages of it, but I have lysoled EVERYTHING (counters, cupboards, door knobs, fridge.. all of it)! After all the disinfecting, it's on to the floors.. just sweeping ( I leave mopping until a "big" day. We just put no glue laminate flooring all over the living and dining rooms. With dogs and accidental water/juice spillings, this is the only way to save the hardwood floors. This makes it so much easier to clean!! Before, we had area rugs all over, covering every inch of floor. That was awful to look at and a huge pain to clean (considering I don't have a real vacuum yet, only a shopvac). I repeat all of that after lunch, and right before bed. The dogs are messy eaters and would rather get a huge mouthful of food and take it to their corner to eat. This just leaves kibble all over the house and not very pleasurable to walk on! I think by doing this, I will stay more organized (hopefully).
  • When it comes to the gym, I need someone to workout with. In San Jose, that person was Chris becasue the gym was massive and we never had to wait for any piece of equipment. The gym we belong to now is tiny and cramped and Chris usually goes his own way, or with my FIL's caregiver. That just leaves me stranded and not knowing what to do beside cardio! Luckily, classes are included in membership. I tried Zumba last night and it was INCREDIBLE! So much fun and energizing but it definitely proved that I had no rhythm! I think I was the only person in the room that lacked pigmentation and I really could not get my hips going at the speed of everyone else!!! This morning (since I'm still on break) I went to a class called Hard-Core, which is basically an ab/oblique/lowerback workout. That, too, was amazing! Just to get out of the house, I'm trying to decide between Zumba and Power Pilates.... decisions, decisions.
  • Hopefully when classes start again I will keep up with my new look. I have had some success, like now, wearing dark jeans, charcoal sweater boots, and long chain necklace. Thanks to gift cards, I'm really excited to go shopping, maybe this weekend?
All of the other ones are still a work in progress. So far, compared to last year, I am keeping up with resolutions which, within itself, is a major plus for me!

oh yea... 14 inches of snow tonight. awesome.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Relaxing Weekend

Back to the East Coast, back to the snow... but I would rather have all of this than all the rain in Cali. Still miss you though CA!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello, 2011

A few days late.. but not too bad.
This past month has been a whirlwind. School ended December 15th and I had hoped things would have slowed down, no such luck. Our (already small) house feels 10x more crowded and we don't even have a space to call our own, except the bedroom.. but who wants to lay in bed all day? (well.. sometimes, I do). Chris' dad and caregiver moved in with us December 1st, and from that day on, I feel like I am living with a rather frustrating, and spoiled child. I won't be disclosing everything, but as I type, a 60+ year old man is rummaging through my cupboards grabbing everything in site, and leaving it on the counter. I miss being able to walk into our kitchen and grabbing the wheat thins, without worrying if my FIL washed his hands before grabbing a hand full. I miss being able to sit in our living room.. without having to stand to fully see the TV. I miss being able to spread out in our own house and not be confined to the dining room table, where we have to sit in order to watch TV or just relax (FYI, these chairs are definitely not the most comfortable). I miss being able to sleep through the night, but since he has been here and yells in the middle of the night for someone to turn the TV to his movie channel, Chris and I have to take the dogs out because they freak out when they hear him (whoa run on). I miss being able to use the powder room downstairs. I miss being able to look out my window, into the back yard, and not seeing his dirty clothes piled on the window sill. I really miss being able to watch HGTV and Food Network when I get up, instead we watch Matlock and The Price is Right. I miss being able to have a romantic night in.. dinner and a movie or two, with my husband... or going to the grocery store or WalMart without a 3rd person. I'm sure Chris misses me not being so off the wall emotional about everything, but I am going absolutely crazy. I know this all sounds very selfish of me, and it's not like I don't like my FIL, I just don't like living with him (in my living room) all that much.

OK, so now for 2011 Resolutions:

  1. Get more organized.
    I would love to find a system that I will stick to. I am by no means the neatest/ organized person, but Chris and I are both constantly... misplacing items.
  2. Actually keep up on house work.
    I have my moments when I really just want to clean. This morning, for example, I wanted to get the kitchen done. I moved everything from the counters, washed down the cupboards and walls, and re-organized the cupboards. If I could keep up on the smaller tasks once a week, I think that things will stay a whole lot neater around here. (even if I live with 3 men and a few rather large dogs).
  3. Keep working out 3-4 times a week.
    I've been doing pretty good with this. In San Jose, Chris got pretty mad when I would go weeks without going to the gym because the membership costs were pretty up there.
  4. Change my look.
    Slowly transition from jeans, tee, and a hoodie, with a good ol' pony tail (my daily outfit), into something that will make me look like I didn't just roll out of bed (stick with jeans, maybe make sure they have no holes, blouses, sweaters, scarves, do my hair & makeup, etc.)
  5. Figure out a better living situation.
    Hopefully we find a new place soon.. and if need be, hopefully that place has at least an in-law unit.
  6. Keep the communication doors open.
    I realize that Chris and I are still learning to be husband and wife. Because of this, I am going to try to work on my communication.
  7. Keep the grades up.
    The first part of this year is the make it or break it semester. I need to do well in these classes in order to go on to my Master's program.
  8. CourtVisionXL
    is Chris' new business. I am currently his only employee, which he works to the bone! jk jk. But I really hope this new year will open some incredible doors for him.
  9. Shhh...
    This one's a secret, but every girl can have at least one of those.

I hope that everyone will have a great 2011!