Friday, May 27, 2011

Say a Prayer...

... My Aunt Angie is in the ICU, in critical condition from pneumonia. It is very bad, but we're hoping that since she is so young, she will be able to pull through.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's been awhile..

... but I promise that I have legitimate reasons.

To start: school is done for the summer and I only have one more year left! I cannot wait to be done with school!

So finals.. part of the reason I have been MIA

The real reason that I have been gone was because my great-gramma passed away, she was 86. Some people may not be too close to their great grandparents because they may have never met them. My Gramma was a huge part of my life and I miss her deeply. I got a call that she was in the hospital on Thursday, and they did not expect her to make it through the weekend. Needless to say, I packed my bag and started my 5 hour drive to NY. I got to Elmira around 9:30 pm, and luckily she was still mentally with us. She asked me how I got there so fast and if Chris was with me. Around 10pm, she fell asleep until 4am. I will spare the worst parts.. but I did not leave the hospital until she passed Monday morning. I took care of her thrrough the worst parts. I was/am still pissed about the whole experience. She was supposed to be receiving comfort care, but for a full day, she was not. She had CHF and her kidneys were completely shot. All Friday my mom and I held her and listened to her cry because she couldn't breathe and she was scared. My mom (an RN) kept suggesting something to make her more comfortable, it came 7 hours after she asked for it. Friday was absolutely devastating on my mom and I. The rest of the family went home to get some sleep and showers, but while they were gone we took care of her... I'm bawling right now even thinking about it.. At one point she just looked at me and said "Just hold me". I lost it. I curled up in bed with Gram, held her, and lost it. She kept throwing her arms out to "push St. Peter away" Finally, she was able to have peace Friday night. The rest of my weekend was spent holding her hand, washing her face, giving her water, and crying by her bedside with most of my family. I am sorry if this is too personal, but this, surprisingly, is helping me. She was a wonderful woman who cared about her family more than anything. She had 6 kids, 22 grandkids, and 18 great grandkids. I was part of the "4 generation", Gramma Wightman, Gramma Gee Gee, Mom, and I are all the oldest of our .. groups? We were unbelievably close and as much as I hate that she is gone, I am happy she is finally at peace.

RIP Mabel Mae Carl Belawske Wightman 03/25/1925- 05/09/2011

Losing them wouldn't be so hard to take, if Heaven wasn't so far away.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May he burn in hell.

May Osama Bin Laden burn in hell.
After almost 10 years, America has killed the bastard.
You can either complain that it "Isn't over," or you could be grateful that the people who risk their lives every day just killed the worlds biggest asshole.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You know those times...

when you royally screwed up? I'm living it.

Well, I didn't screw up in the sense that anyone got hurt.
No. But I lost something of Chris'.
And I know I did.

I lost on of his basketballs.
Big woop. Right?
Well, to him, it is. $160 ball. omg.

I know I took it out of the explorer when I had to help Alofa get a new bed. We took it out to make more room.
I just cannot for the life of me remember where it is! Garage? No. Living room? No. Dining Room? Kitchen? Sun Room? Bedroom? No. No. No. No.

I have no idea where it is. My mind keeps going somewhere bad, like maybe I left it outside?? And someone stole it?? And there is no chance of getting it back??? WAHHHH!!!

He is pretty pissed right now and I am on restriction not to touch his things.

What can I do? Say??

Awesome Wife of the year award goes to this chick.

Anndddddd, found out about an AHHH mazing new job opportunity working with the bestie!
... but it's almost 4 hours away.
.. the pay would definitely be worth it and everything about it makes total sense. Chris even agrees with me that it does.
... but I cannot imagine being 4 hours away from hubby during the week. The only thing holding me back from it is my own selfish reasoning.

Summer cannot come soon enough!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Told you.

{add cleaning out the cars on Saturday}
I am rockin' out these lists! It really is the only way I can keep my self on schedule.

Can you tell I have no life?? Especially when C is gone :(

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Randomness to the extreme

I have so much going through my mind right now and can't really stick to 1 topic. So, are you ready? Here we go.

First: Saw this status on FB: A real woman always has a clean house, empty laundry basket, smells good, is well made-up, slim, healthy, eloquent and perfectly well-behaved. ... Copy this status if you are beginning to suspect that you are a man!!!
Needless to say, it is now my status.

Second: Going to an all girl's school was a bad decision on my part. Too much drama.

Third: Chris is leaving tomorrow. He will be in Virginia until Sunday.. bittersweet. Definitely going to be missing hubby, but quiet time to get work (house and school) done.

Fourth: I woke up to 65 degree weather!! By 3pm it was 35? What is going on with this weather??

Fifth: Chris and I will be going to NY for Easter!! Beyond excited!!

Sixth: Hopefully we will get to Cali this summer!!! I need to see Masucci/Bartholomew's and Guerra's!!

Seventh: I applied for a summer SpEd Teaching job!! Hoping to hear back soon.

Eighth: Never Grow Up just came on, I am currently bawling my eyes out.

Ninth: New favorite store= HomeGoods. Got a gorgeous mirror for $3!

Tenth: I'm healthy as a horse! Met with a new NP last week and love her! So glad because hadn't found one that I liked since high school.

Eleventh: Baby Fever like madddd.

Twelfth: Very excited to see a friend tomorrow that recently left school :(. But seeing her, means Red Robin, yummm!

Thirteenth: Bought the paper on Sunday for coupons.. how do I succeed in couponing? Buy multiple papers and stack coupons?

Fourteenth: I hate the end of a semester. Soo many tests, papers, projects due within the next 3 weeks.

Fifteenth: Only 3 weeks until (my) summer!!

Told you, random. It was a bad day.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning Update

  • Rake out the gardens.
  • Pick up sticks from front and back yards.
  • Plant grass in the baldy spots of the bard yard.
  • Wash down the driveway and the road in front of the house (old leaves, dirt, salt, etc.)
  • Clean both cars (inside and out).
  • Clean off the patio and bring out lounge chairs.
  • Pull everything out of the cupboards and clean them out.
  • Clean microwave.
  • Clean stove and oven.
  • Put away tea kettle and crockpot.
  • Wash down walls and cupboards.
  • Hand mop the floor.
  • Clean out the fridge and freezer.
  • Un-do all the twist ties that C put up, and take Christmas lights down.
Living/Dining Rooms
  • Wash down walls.
  • Organize bookshelf.
  • Dust off TV and Entertainment center.
  • Put away all winter/Christmas items (oops).
  • Wash couch cover.
  • Steam clean chair, curtains, dog beds, dining room chairs.
  • Get rid of old black chair that only the dogs use.
  • Convince Alofa to take FIL's dresser and suitcases to his room, and out of our area.
  • Move armoire.
  • Wash and put cuddle blankets in armoire.
  • Sweep/mop floor, including under couch.
  • Organize desk.
  • Clear off dining room table.
  • Take Total Gym into the basement.
  • Rearrange dining room table.
  • Mop the floor.
  • Wash mirror.
  • Wash curtains.
  • Put away winter clothes, pull out spring/summer.
  • Wash rugs.
  • Find a dresser for C's excessive amount of clothes.
  • Clean laundry room, including FIL's clothes that have been on the floor since December.
  • Run an empty load through the washer.
  • Re-organize boxes that are still packed.
  • Wash all windows.
  • Update pictures/decor.

I got a lot accomplished this weekend which feels amazing! C leaves on Wednesday to to go the Portsmouth Invitational in Virginia to try and recruit some players... hopefully I can get get even more things crossed off the list!